Curtidos Hijos de Pedro Pérez - Tanning

Quality skins... warranty items

Raw hides and skins Tanning we use in Children of John Smith are cattle and horse hides coming from both the Spanish market and the European Community, but always maintaining the highest levels of quality, so that the end result is optimal.

Our articles are intended to:

  • Saddlery: to make saddles, bridles, clips or necklaces.
  • Leather: articles for the creation of hunting, bags, suitcases and belts.
  • Decoration: in addition to furniture and gift items.
  • Footwear.


Products that we made:

  • Desfaldados, bends, collars, horses, vaquetillas vegatal 100 %.

Finishes: pasta, matte, polished and oiled.
Types: Smooth, recorded and tense.
Colors: Brown, tan, snuff, brown, chocolate and black.